Ghatorha Driving School


ACT Log Book

ACT log book system is a competency based training and assessment which covers 23 competencies and 2 reviews. In order to do ACT log book the student should reside in the ACT.

NSW Log Book

We are accredited by NSW government.

One-Off Driving Test

We will assess your level of readiness for one off test and work on the areas requiring improvement.

Testing in NSW

You will complete the test with the government examiner at NSW motor registry.
You must log 120 hours of driving on the NSW log book before sitting for test.

You Do Not Have To Complete A Nsw Learner Driver Log Book If You:

Refresher Training

Ghatorha driving school delivers refresher training for all ages. Refresher training help you gain a positive approach and skill sharpening by working on the desired area and making you safe and smart on the road.
The training can help if you: