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ACT Log Book

ACT Log Book

ACT Log Book system is a Competency Based Training and Assessment which covers 23 competencies and 2 reviews. In order to do ACT log book the student should reside in the ACT.

ACT Log Book

Credit hours for the logbook:

• Safer Driver Course will provide a learner licence holder with     credit of 20 hours.

• Vulnerable Road User Program will provide a learner licence       holder with credit of 10 hours.

ACT Logbook information:

Logbook is divided into 5 different parts: It is a step-by-step method which helps you learn at your own pace to get your licence.

• Min age, min. hours, HPT and minimum waiting period according to your age.
• Must be booked with Access Canberra Audit department with a clear notice of one full
   working day. Instructor will do this booking.
• Can be done on Mon-Sat between 9-7, Fridays can be done up to 9pm.
• Cannot be done on Sundays and public holidays.

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